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SCBA 2014 Picnic

2018 SCBA DC-Baltimore Chapter Annual Scientific Symposium


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus, Gilchrist Hall

9601 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

(Free parking at the parking lot in front of the conference center)

 Co-organizers: Dr. Mitchell Ho (National Cancer Institute) and Dr. Li Yang (National Cancer Institute)

Meeting Program


8:00-8:45am Registration/Coffee

8:45-9:00am Welcome/Opening Remarks (Dr. Li Yang, President of SCBA DC chapter)

9:00-10:10am    Session I: Genome Biology and Disease

                           Co-Chairs: Dr. Paul Liu (NHGRI) and Dr, Hong Xu (NHLBI)

9:00-9:20am       Dr. Heng Zhu (Johns Hopkins University)

                           DNA Methylation-Dependent Klf4 Binding Promotes Transcription Activation and Chromatin Remodeling

9:20-9:40am       Dr. Zhibin Wang (Johns Hopkins University)

                           Uncharted territory: a mechanism of regional “autosomal chromosome inactivation” for human development

                           and public health?

9:40-10:00am     Dr. Chun Zhang Yang (NCI/NIH)

                           Microenvironment-derived Mitochondria Prime Glioma Chemoresistance by Augmenting NAD+ Metabolism

                           and PARP-dependent DNA Repair

10-10:10am        Postdoc/PhD student short talk: TBA

10:10-10:30am Coffee break

10:30-11:40 am Session II: Protein biology: Synthesis, Modification, Trafficking, Structure, Function and Degradation

                           Co-Chairs: Dr. Wei Yang (NIDDK) and Dr, Jiou Wang (Johns Hopkins University)

10:30-10:50am   Dr. Jiou Wang (Johns Hopkins University)

                           Protein Quality Control in Neurodegeneration

10:50-11:10am   Dr. Tongzhong Ju (FDA)

                           Protein O-glycosylation: Biochemistry, Biology and Medicine

11:10-11:30am    Dr. Yihong Ye (NIDDK)

                            Structural biology of membrane proteins

11:30-11:40am    Postdoc/PhD student short talk: TBA

11:40am-12:40pm Lunch Break

                           Career round table discussion

Moderators:      Dr. Chun Zhang Yang (NCI) and Dr. Ling Yang (NHLBI).

Panelists:          Dr. Roland Owens (NIH/OD), Dr. Jingwei Zhang (NIDDK), Dr. Jiansen Jiang (NHLBI)

12:40-2pm Poster session

2:00-3:10pm     Session III: Disease Biology and Therapies

                          Co-Chairs: Dr. Ying Zhang (NCI) and Dr, Wanjun Chen (NIDCR)

2-2:20pm           Dr. Chuan Wu (NCI)

                          Foxo1 regulates commensalism via modulating goblet cell function

2:20-2:40pm      Dr. Huiping Zhou (VCU/Medical College of Virginia)

                          Bile acids, GPCR and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

2:40-3:00pm      Dr. Aiwu Ruth He (Georgetown University)

                          γ-OHPdG as a prognostic biomarker for hepatocarcinogenesis and its prevention by antioxidants

3-3:10pm           Postdoc/PhD student short talk: TBA

3:10-3:30pm    Coffee break

3:30-4:30pm    Keynote Presentation

                         Dr. Chuxia Deng (Macau University)

                         From BRCA1 to Precision Oncology

4:30-5:00pm    Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks